Wednesday, November 05, 2008

100Yen Shop @ Taipan, Subang Jaya!

While at the 100yen outlet in Taman Desa yesterday, was informed that another outlet is/was about to open at Taipan in Subang! So with time to spend this afternoon after finishing my errands with mother, drove up to Carrefour @ Subang, called Molly for directions to Taipan! With her instructions, found Taipan rather easy! Thanks Molly!

Its the 2nd shop on Jalan USJ 10/1C, Taipan, 47620 Petaling Jaya! There, you have been informed!

So happen that while I was at the shop, the owner and her dad (from Penang) were in the shop and we had a little chat! The reason why the various outlets do not carry the same products is the 100yen inventory consists of 27,000(?) items and each outlet carries roughly 1,000(?) items and then they have a certain quantity to adhere to.

And I am pretty amazed that in the current economic situation, brave souls like this father and daughter team and the various franchise outlets owners are opening up everywhere! I take my hat off to salute them! Basically, the franchise outlets are like mom&pop outfits ~ so its really important that we support the outlets located near us!

BTW, I liked the way that the various items had been displayed to indicate their usage (e.g. the sandwich bento box - opened up) - extra touches to make a difference!

These pictures are from Taipan outlet: Enjoy!
(Nope, no membership for me today.... I bought only one item! MY room is bursting at the seams!)

Above: gloves
Below: magic kits

Above: umbrellas!


3lilangels said...

Wah!! I really tabik you. Went all the way to Taipan to review the shop. You should open one yourself. I sure support you. 27,000 items huh? I'm drooling already.

Emily said...

Nah! I get bored easily staying put in one location!

Janet C said...

That's what I call a 'leong dei kun' ;D
Lots of foodstuff in this branch, eh?

Chet said...

There's also a branch in Damansara Utama. I need to go and check it out one of these days. Will you be visiting to review it? Then maybe we can meet there and have lunch, too? It's near the old Fajar supermarket.

Emily said...

Hi JC! Puchong outlet also had alot of foodstuff stock being unpacked two days ago!

Chet: Is this the uptown outlet? Got to find out where is Fajar though. Is there a H&H (restaurant) somewhere? at this location? Was in Damansara Utama two days ago visiting an aunt with mother. Her hse is very near to Bandar Utama as well.

Emily said...

Chet: was thinking of visiting an outlet further out of town..... klang perhaps? You keen? Can pick you up!!!

Emily said...

Chet: we can go for chic-ku-teh while in klang!!

Paul Lionel said...

Hi Emily, any craft related item there?

The Damansara Utama Uptown 100yen outlet is next to the Uptown 37. HSBC bank, Izzi restaurant and Umaiya restaurant are all next to it.

Chet said...

Emily - yes, same row as H&H.

As for out of town, I'll have to pass. I need to stay close to home rest of this month.

Emily said...

Paul: The only craft thing at Taipan was the jumbo knitting needles with two skeins of thick woolly thread. But I saw sizes: 5, 7 and 8 bamboo crochet hooks at Taman Pertama (Cheras) today!

Chet: How about early next week for Damansara Utama?

Janet: Saw loads of foodstuff being unpacked at Puchong and Pertama outlets!