Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Snow Ice, Books and Exercise

Lets see, I walked Thursday and Friday last week doing 5~1km and 4~1km rounds respectively in 61 and 52mins.... no improvement! But I did clocked in a total of 5 days worth of exercise for the week! Saturday and Sunday were spent in Melaka, par took two wedding feasts ~ but hey not much carbs as there were no rice dish at both functions (was the high cost of rice grain the reason?) and was told that I had lost some weight! yippee!

This week, I walked on Monday and Wednesday (Tuesday ~ I did marketing for fresh produce and no new plastic bags!) - 4~1km rounds on both mornings at more or less the same time/duration.

I had some time to spare today in the morning before my early afternoon appointments in Bukit Damansara area, so spent some time reading and enjoying a Passion fruit and nuts snow ice at Taman Pertama 100yen outlet.

Started on Joss and Gold by Shirley Geok-lin Lim today and am already on page 182 of a 306 pg book. This is my second book of Ms Lim. A couple of years back I read "Among the White Moon Faces: Memoirs of a Nyonya Feminist" which I enjoyed.
Below: yet another of Ms Shirley GL Lim's books:
Below: A book by Ms Lim, Suchen Christine Lim that is!

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