Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh! That's Where Taman Pertama Is!

I totally forgot to mention that I discovered Taman Pertama last week! Slap my forehead - oh! that's Taman Pertama, in my neighbourhood! And I passed by it probably a thousand times so far without 'seeing' the now familiar bright RED 100yen sign!

Anyway, today was free and easy for me, mother had no errands for me at all! I did a bit of exploring at Taman Pertama and discovered that there is a shortcut to Ukay Perdana, Ampang via Jalan Kuari! And there is a bit of a green lung in between Cheras and Ampang!

So was at 100yen outlet there after lunch ~ had a bowl of mee suah soup at this coffee shop in Taman Pertama.
Below: BTW, this was my sole purchase from 100Yen @ Taipan yesterday! Been wanting to get this for the longest time!

And I finished Suchen Christine Lim's 'A Bit Of Earth' today at Taman Pertama! Interesting enough a read on the history of the Cantonese and Hakkas miners in Perak and Penang. And today's snowy ice is Coffee & Chocolate Chips - not too sweet! Too bad, the gurl manning the shop totally forgot to use my especially purchased mug for the ice!
And guess who I met at the 100Yen shop? Melanie and Nigel!

Bamboo crochet hooks!

Pictures of inventory at Taman Pertama: ENJOY!


3lilangels said...

I envy you.... can go around visiting and reviewing the 100 yen shops. And have Snow Ice each time too. *_*

Pardon my ignorance, but what was that thing you got from Taipan?

Emily said...

Its a holder for your '... still got little bit left in the bottle' thingy. You put your almost empty bottles upsidedown (with the caps on!) and the contents flows down to the bottle necks! No toppling over!

3lilangels said...

Oic! That's really useful! I suddenly have the need for one too. Muahaha...

Emily said...

JFYI (just for your info), Taipan outlet has a whole range of 4 items with this cutesy motif! I think they are all kitchen related!

Paul Lionel said...

*GASP!* They sell bamboo crochet hooks!!!

Emily said...

Paul! Yes they are made of bamboo! I bought one before, at more than Rm4.90 of course. Used it for the shortest time and it was given away to a new fan of crochet!