Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Makan2 and 100Yen Goodies

I took a day off yesterday (Monday) to rest from Sunday's Terry Fox Run! This morning I walked 4 rounds of 1km in 48mins and cool off with a moderate walk for 12 mins bringing today's exercise to 60mins.

Breakfast was a mug of ovaltine in hot water without milk nor sugar (as usual), a slice of papaya, an orange, two slices of whole meal bread with a pat of canola spread to hold sliced bananas!

Went out to lunch with mother at this particular shop in Happy Garden, old Klang Road.

I had steamed chicken drumstick with prawn dumplings with noodle soup

shared a serving of braised chicken feet with black mushrooms. this was a bit sweet to my liking. have not found any really good chicken feet.

Mother had charsiew and wantan noodles
~ ** ~

Was at 100yen shop in Taman Pertama on Monday. See! I bought the mug and had my Peanut Snowy Ice in it! Left it there so that I can enjoy a quilt-free snowy ice anytime at Taman Pertama!
~ ** ~

Had some time to kill in the evening so made my way over to 100yen shop at Taman Desa. Met the lady owner there and had a chat with her with regards to reusable cups for their Snowy Ice! Seems that the franchise owners had brought this very subject with the 100Yen shop management and they ARE LOOKING INTO IT! Yeah!

Pictures shown below are from Taman Desa outlet, do have a look at the cutlery section and please take note that a green oval bento box has been added to their inventory. Enjoy!


3lilangels said...

Biblo and I like sweetish stuff so the braised chicken feet will do just nicely for us. *hint, hint*

Good to see you crusading for recycling every where you go.

toughcookie said...

i was intrigued by your title because 100Yen was one of the answers on our treasure hunt last weekend ;)

Emile Zola@life said...

Wah, the noodle soup must be yummy yummy.
I have not been to 100 yen shop yet, must find one day to shop there, I think in Klang the nearest is at Bukit Tinggi. Anyone know the location?

Emily said...

Sharon: Will give you a call one day on the chicken feet and mushroom! Come and collect the ta-pau! Mmmph, where shall we meet?

Juan: Now what was the question? Interesting!

Sonia: The soup was light and nice! I tried getting to Bandar Bukit Tinggi today but no luck and I was running out of time!

3lilangels said...

Looking forward to it. Just name the place.