Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bento #4

Top L to R:
Yummy, today I had my share of vegetables (ladies finger, brinjal, long bean and tofu pok) in curry! and the last of the organic yellow cherry tomatoes!

Fried thin white noodles with cabbage and bean sprouts for carbs and sweet and sour fish fillets for my protein portion.

The above fare came from the same coffee shop I bought yesterday's lunch and the young chef was pleased when I told him that the prawn bread balls from yesterday were tasty!

I might have overdosed on coffee yesterday (three cups!) so I was tossing and turning the whole night and only woke up at 7.30am this morning, so no morning walk today but I did spend 20 mins walking to the shops where I bought a packet of oyster mushrooms and a green bell pepper as additions to a vegetable dish I plan to cook for tonight's dinner; and stuff for today's bento lunch!

While I have been walking throughout the year and 3km consistently since early July, I feel that by having my lunch, whether homecooked or bought, packed in a 500ml size box should help in my endeavour to loose some weight! I hope to carry on this healthy approach to exercise and eating smaller meal portions... well.. until I reach my target weight! Now, what shall that be? LOL!


3lilangels said...

I've a sudden yearning for fish curry. slurp!

Emily said...

Yup, the curry was good! Burp!