Monday, July 21, 2008

Beading Class Anyone?

On Saturday 19th July, Janet, Yatie and I had an appointment with a very talented young lady.

And here is a sampling of what we were taught that day:

But of course, this is not mine but Yatie's sample: mollyjinxed @ blogspot

Wow! so proud of her! Definitely worth the money and time spent on Saturday!

As for my piece? Wait patiently! LOL!


3lilangels said...

Ooh, that's pretty. Looking forward to seeing yours.

snazzynsuch said...

wow.. so pretty... can't wait to see yours.. :)

biblo said...

That's really nice... what is it for? Will see if you'll post your piece first or I post my framed pieces first....LOL!!!

Emily said...

Thanks ladies for visiting!

That is our practice piece. Each student gets a piece with stencilled patterns on white cotton fabric.

We are provided with a kit which contained some very fine needles, 8types of beads of various colors, our syllabus for the lesson.

And of course Cikgu showed us her numerus completed projects ~ which were fabulous!

Wendy, I will let you win the race! Hint2 a lot of patience involved in my 'piece'!

Emily said...
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