Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Exchange @ NNC ~ Part 1!

For a birthday exchange organised at NNC, Janet Chan of Ipoh was my secret partner. While Janet's birthday was in June, my gift to her was only realised on Saturday 19th July! Yes, I gifted Janet a Beading lesson by Nor at Ladybeads! I truly hope Janet enjoyed the class. Thanks for making the trip down to KL for it.

I did not realised that Shanny of Switzerland was my secret partner! And she sent me alot of lovely goodies.

The following items I received last night, hand delivered by Shanny's cousin:

In addition to these items, there was a quart of Chocolate Fondue as well! Yumms!

More later! You will be so jealous! Just wondering what I did to deserve these presents! Thank you Thank you so much, Shanny!


Janet C said...

Thanks for the 'gift'. Enjoyed the lesson, but like you nothing to show yet! ;(
BTW, found a shop in Ipoh that sells beads imported from Japan, which are more pricey than the others.

Emily said...

Oooh Thats great! At least you know where to get the beads once you start beading!

Do remember to practice!