Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bento #10

This bento is mine, ate it at 11am - hungry - breakfast was small bowl of oats with fruits! Did 3km in 35mins this morning. DH's best time for 1km is 10 mins, so I am slightly behind!

Bottom in 200ml container:
Fried rice with diced fried fish paste, long beans and ham.

Top in 350ml container:
Fried cabbage, long beans omelette and six pieces of fish cutlets in sweet and sour sauce.

ps: Bento #9 was very tasty - reported by Babes!


Rachel said...

HI Emily, thanks for dropping by my girl's blog. So you are into bento too?

Emily said...

Hi Rachel's mummy!

I am into portion control for my meals currently. Need to loose weight and exercise alone aint doing it!

Thank goodness for the bento craze right now!

biblo said...

Emily, at least I managed to control till 12 pm... LOL!!!

And promised no more plastic bags and styloform box whenever possible....

Diyana said...

teach me how to cook sweet n sour please!!!

Emily said...

Hi Diyana, Try this link:


Emily said...

LOL! Wow Wendy, you are better then me. BTW what do you eat for breakfast?

3lilangels said...

Sweet n sour fish is boylet's favourite. Wonder if he may consent to bring bento to nursery if I pack this for him.

Must jumpstart an exercise routine too. Admire your 'just do it' attitude.