Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bento #5

Clockwise from top right: Finally some color! I made the salad of diced cucumber, julienned carrots, a bit of rice wine vinegar, a bit of light soya sauce and a dash of sesame oil. Mixed it all up and leave to sit in the fridge until packing time!

The following are from that same coffee shop! Fried kway tiau with bean sprouts and sawi, three pieces of fried foo chock wrapped fish paste with spring onions, turnip and black fungus. Yummy!

I am getting the hang of portions now, look only three pieces of foo chock not 4 or 5! Simmered in a light ginger and egg white sauce!


biblo said...

You are on a roll, Emily ^_* Your lunch looks delicious. I should change the ingredients for my salad.

Emily said...

Hi Wendy! Yeap2 I am getting the hang of it! Even DH is supportive!

The salad is sooo easy to make and very light too. The recipe actually ask for a bit of sugar as well but you know... we dont have any sugar in the house (other than rock sugar and maple syrup!)

Emily said...

Hi Wendy! Check out this blog! Totally uplifting for us!