Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bento #3

Top: Organic yellow cherry tomatoes!

Bottom: Fried Loh See Fun with bean sprouts and chicken meat; three pieces of prawn paste wrapped in bread and deep fried served with mashed green pea sauce and fried chinese cabbage with carrots and sweet pea.

Nope, not leftovers nor cooked by me! The above were the breakfast menu offered by a nearby coffee shop. After completing my 3km walk this morning, I retrieved my glass container from my post box and proceeded to look for food for my bento lunch today! Repacked the food into my 'bento box' when they had cooled down. Smart idea! right or no!? LOL!


biblo said...

LOL!!!! What a great idea! I was just waiting for the last paragraph.... Looks delicious!

Emily said...

The prawn/bread fritters? with the mash green pea sauce was tasty! Long time no eat loh see fun!

Reen said...

Helo emily. i have an award for u. please go to my blog. bye

pssst: yummy.

3lilangels said...

Haven't seen the mash green pea sauce b4. Makes the prawn/bread fritters look so colourful. What a yummy meal!