Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bento #11

I did today's 3km in the same time - 35mins. Breakfast was oats garnished with sliced bananas! Had an orange and half a green apple too.

Go Get Yourself a Cubic Picture or two here! and I found this cutesy site visiting Happy Home Baking!

Its vegetarian char siew with fried meehoon (I put the noodles in the bigger box - so its less messy to eat out of!), two pieces of fried fish paste roll with crab stick, spring onions and seaweed ~ yumms! And three pieces of foo chock simmered in ginger and egg white sauce with green and red bell peppers.

ps: I ate 'lunch' at 11.45am (thinking of Wendy having hers at noon!)


biblo said...

LOL!!! I had my salad at 12.30pm today. Protein was 2 eggs without the yolk. Breakfast was a cup of oatmeal in horlicks and my cup of coffee.

3lilangels said...

You two had such good lunch today. I only had a packet of nasi lemak ($1 type)and a pisang emas. Now am feeling deprived and going to raid the cupboard for a chocolate bar *_^.

Emily said...

LOL! 12.30pm? Yorkless eggs and salad? Where is the picture!!?

You poor thing! Now dont go and finish the whole bar at once, go cube by cube!

biblo said...

Didn't take a pic leh... because its the usual salad... I did think of taking a pic with the 2 leftover yolks.... LOL!!!

Hey, cool pictures... will explore it.