Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Roads Are Clear!

Walked 4~1km round this morning, no breakfast cos we went out for a dimsum brunch at a restaurant located in Medan Imbi this morning.

We old timers were not used to have to 'tick in the box' to make our orders but somehow we did it! Hahaha!

While the food did not arrive at 'fast food speed' they were piping hot and steamy! with exception of (item 5M), which was warmer than room temperature but nevertheless still quite tasty!

The seafood ingredients used were very fresh and the portions good. In addition to the earlier items 'ticked' we had a serving each of items (4A) and (4C). Total bill came to a total of RM76.80 plus taxes. The restaurant is part of the Palace group chain and this morning enjoyed rather good business, more people were coming in as we were leaving.

Watched Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan last night... missed the initial bit though. Anyone else caught this? I enjoyed 'Sixth Sense' tremendously, Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment were the perfect combo! Gonna catch one more of Shayamalan's movie to make it a trio of his movies 'seen'.

Was driving round Jalan Kuching area and somehow landed up in Mt Kiara. I hate going into massive shopping malls (getting lost and having problems locating the carpark are two major peeves!). I caught sight of Wendy's accessible straight off the main road (yeah! great idea!) and the following was lunch!

p.s. with that baked potato, I had to pack the fries to go! Stomach getting smaller ah?

~ ** ~

Hey, there was a special promotion at my favorite tea place at Amcorp Mall (opposite the CIMB) on the ground floor: Two pieces of scones with butter and lemon curd and a cuppa of java for less than RM8.00? Fab!


Emile Zola@life said...

Emily, envy you lah, your life seem to be relax and enjoy foods.

Emily said...

actually, looking for a job....

but it has to be near home, short hours, good pay, easy work, steady company, fun, no stress, minimum workload.....

so still looking!! LOL!