Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fantastic Four Tag

Tagged!! by Sharon of 3LittleAngels...

Four places I go over and over:-
-BookXcess, 3rd Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya;
-Silverfishbooks at Bangsar;
-Flea market at Amcorp Mall on Sundays;
-Amcorp Mall... on weekdays?

Four people who email me regularly:-
-My Sis who sends me stuff at the family's yahoo group site, facebook and private emails!;
-My hubby (sms only lah);
-JobstreetDomCom and JobsDB!;
-Spammers too.

Four of my favorite places to eat:-
-Sri Melaka at Amcorp Mall;
-Chinese restaurant at Nikko hotel;
-Uncle Cili's Amcorp Mall;
-Any place with ..... good makan!

Four places I’d rather be:-
-on my couch with Astro remote in hand;
-in front of my monitor chatting away with friends and blog hopping;
-Paris is good too, preferably with slim cigar in hand and goblet of fine cognac in the other and Christopher Walken carrying my floor length mink coat!
-Ice cream parlour! anywhere!

Four TV shows I could watch over and over:-
1. The Nanny
2. Friends
3. Seinfield
4. CSI Miami

Four people I think will respond:-
-Janet Chan


stargal said...

mink coat??? how can u even THINK of wearing mink coat?!

i must forward you that e-mail on the animal fur industry... if i can still find it!

Emily said...

aiyah.... play2 only mah!

Biblo said...

You must like Amcorp Mall a lot. ^_*

3lilangels said...

I think you left out 100 yen shop! LOL

Your vision of Paris is like from an old movie.... you've got a romantic soul.

Emile Zola@life said...

Please hold as I need some time to think what to write...because I like a lot of things, not just limited to few things..

Janet C said...

Aiyah! Wendy...didn't you know Amcorp rhymes with EMcorp, meh? lol

Emily said...

100yen shop!??? that will be for another tag!!!

which 100yen outlet do you most frequent!!!

Biblo said...

Ah.... I see, Janet. It is EMcorp!! LOL!!

Ya hor, Emily forgot about 100Yen outlet....

3lilangels said...

Emcorp!! That's a good one. :D

I alternate between Uptown and Taman Desa outlets, since they stock different things anyway.