Friday, December 12, 2008

Cafe @ 15 Lorong Gurney! (Alliance Francaise de KL)

Rosie's version of the bread&butter pudding:

Of course I had something else before the pudding!

Green salad with balsamic dressing

Curry Pap Pusing!

Reminds me of the Coliseum cafe at TAR!

Newlyweds Rosie and her DH opened Cafe @15 three months ago (they have years of F&B experience working in local hotels between them!) ~ they are opened for breakfast from 9.00am ending with early evening diners at 7.00pm. For small parties at the cafe or outdoor catering at your homes, do email them at ( . [I have an appointment with Rosie for Apple Crumble with Ice Cream next week!] See what I eat previously at Cafe@15


kel said...

Bread and butter pudding, ooh, my favorite!

Janet C said...

Very yummy! and I want apple crumble. lol
Next time I come down, you must bring me there!...drooling over the pc...LOL