Friday, December 19, 2008

Reason why my waistband is tight!

Mmmph.... sunday last no walkie.... went marketing and came back with one small plastic (came with the plums I purchased) which the fruit seller sneaked into my green bag while I was selecting another fruit! :(

I walked 4~1km round in 50mins on Monday, half an hour walkie on Tuesday and 5~1km in 60mins on Wednesday! No walkie today as I had to get some fresh vegs from the wet market again today! Came back without any new plastic bags! ;)

Was at Daiso at the Curve from 1.30pm to 3.00pm on Sunday! Met Sharon there and later spotted CP aka Market Place too. Saw a lady holding a tube of food picks (only a seasoned bento packer buys food picks) went up to her and ask if she is a blogger! Went away from Daiso with 25 items!

~ * ~
Christmas deco at the Curve...

This was my lunch at the Curve

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This was my lunch on monday ~ abv ~ my fav ~ corney dog!

Pic Abv: New item from A&W ~ Waffle in a Mug!

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Rosie's meatballs and boiled potatoes ~ nope that was not enuf! so I ordered a breakfast item ~ scrambled eggs on toast with hash brown! That did me in!

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Wednesday's outing at BU ~ lunched at Carl's Jr

Sharon! Tks for the tip (DIY shop?) I bought Heart/Star/Rabbit/Bird cutters! And gave the heart cutters from Daiso to Rosie today.... she's abit puzzled as to what to do with them!


Biblo said...

Aiks... my mouth watering. Why ah? I just had breakfast but I haven't had any ice cream this week... yet!

You all 'pakat' to meet at the curve ah?

Emily said...

No pakat involved... Sharon sms me that she will be at Daiso and also meeting up with CP aka Market Place.

chooi peng said...

hi hi, nice to meet you.

Emily said...

Hi CP aka Market Place! Nice to meet you too!