Friday, December 19, 2008

Something on Crafts! and Gifts!


OK! I did 5~1km round in 60mins again, today! Breakfast was two slices of wholemeal toast with canola spread and fig jam (from 100Yen) and sliced banana; a slice of papaya and half a fuji apple and half a mug of plain ovaltine. Must start bento-ing next week!

Look what Janet gave me!! Thanks JC! My second pinkeep!

(Pic Below) And see ~ I do use gifts received! Crocheting my fav flower!

And I even remember all I had learnt on tatting!

Just came across this ~ Ceramic Tatting Shuttle Giveaway at Lady Shuttlemaker!


Biblo said...

Well... like I said, I have been doing nothing. Nice tatting!

3lilangels said...

very nice.... I can only admire, not patient enough for such meticulous work...

Janet C said...

You're most welcome! Thought it has gone MIA since it's so near Xmas.
BTW, have a joyful Xmas & great New Year! ^_^

toughcookie said...

i like that flower you crocheted and the tatting tu. Looks tough. I tried crocheting after SPM before tapi belajar sendiri. therefore, i only succeeded in making headbands. other than that, lost lah. don't understand the techniques shown in books. too complicated.

your tatting is so nice. you should offer to teach part time.

oh by the way, i just managed to do your tag. sorry leh... too many things on my hands.

take care!

Ashley Two Fish said...


Emily said...

Biblo: Taking a break after all those MAs?

Sharon: Aiseh, you do gorgeous bentos!

Janet: Got it afew days earlier but forgot to post!

ToughCookie: Well, if you bake some bread&butter pudding on a sunday...I can come and teach you both! hahahaha!

TwoFish: Thanks for popping by!