Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bento #58 and foodie what-not!

This was my bento lunch today: dry curry noodles with chicken curry, roast pork, taupok and sawi!
I find food in places you won't normally find me! From the cafe at AF ~ Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur located at 15 Lorong Gurney, 54100 Kuala Lumpur:

Above pic: chicken cordonbleu with slaw and mashed puds!

Above pic: french toast with coffee! And I have an appointment to keep with Rosie (the chef) this friday for a helping of her bread&butter pudding!

While in Melaka, had this lovely bowl of pan meen at Kampong Hailam - this was so good that I had it again the next morning!

On the way to the wedding banquet, DH and I stopped off at our usual haunt at Tanjung Kling for the following:

Above pic: DH's Ice Jagung

Above pic: Mine's Ice Campor

DH and I shared a serving of rojak and laksa!

Need I say that by the time the wedding banquet came around - my new dress needs to be let out!?? BIG Sigh!!

Not pictured here:
1 Dinner: Lovely soft chappaties with hot&spicy dry mutton curry and yummy veg dhal
1 Lunch: Mee suah noodles, hohsin omelette and fried liver with ginger and spring onions. Portugis egg tarts and steamed yam and gingko dessert

Anyway came back to KL on Monday afternoon to find that my pc has conked! Got it repaired (massive bill ~ new softwares, new hard disk) and working by today.

Exercise: Resumed 4~1km walks on tuesday, none today, hopefully another 4~1km round tomorrow! Numbers on scale says 'up 1lb' ~ sigh~

And 'Prosperity Burger' is back!

And did I say that I tatted some during the trip!!? So that positively rounded up everything I had to do! including crafting!


stargal said...

yums! looks like u had a feast down in M'ca! ;)

Biblo said...

What 1lb right? I can weight myself different times during the day and can differ by 1 kg!

Was thinking where you were, so it was the pc problem. I also got a massive bill but for car aircon..

Trying you hand at tatting? I am so not doing anything crafting wise.

I did go to gym once this week.

3lilangels said...

So glad you're back. Missed you heaps! That's a yummy makan trip you'd had.

Are you taking up French at Alliance Fraincaise?

mollyjinxed said...

wat exactly happened to your pc??