Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keeping Our Country's Economy Afloat.....

Totally agree:

Keep spending modestly on the things you really need. In order for the economy to claw back to normalcy, we must keep the economy going by spending as needed. So while it's admirable and oh so frugal to grow your own vegetables in your yard, sensible spending is what our economy needs and what will enable all of us to survive the recession.

So visits to 100Yen outlets and Daiso (I think Jusco is the only loser here for similar products i.e.) is rather good!

Read more here: Five frugal tips for surviving a recession!

And I especially admire the results of her galant attempt at curbing and restructuring her expenses here: Report Card


Emile Zola@life said...

Since you like the 100 yen shop items so much, suggest you to open a 100 yen shop, hahaha.
I'm not stopping spending but I spend it wisely, make few comparision before purchase.

3lilangels said...

hahaha... I think you can singlehandledly keep 100yen and Daiso afloat.

I've got the edamame for you, so you can collect anytime, or you want me to send to you?

Btw, please hop over to my blog to collect your tag so we can know more about you.

Emily said...

Sharon... tomorow abit bz.... call u first?

Emily said...

Sonia.... you go ahead and spend... relying on you to keep the economy afloat!