Friday, December 12, 2008

Non Bento post & What not!

I walked 4~1km rounds in 48mins on wednesday but none this morning.... consolation? I did 2hrs of house cleaning! No breakfast but had an early brunch with left over braised ribs over brown rice! (Looking forward to the bread&butter pudding later today!) AF? Classes? Nah... visited their website and they mentioned their cafeteria!

What I had for lunch yesterday ~ (above pic) that croissant with meatballs filling is fabulous! Had my fav (bavaria) donut with coffee to finish off the meal!

Nice book - lots of family pictures ~ I did not know that her DH died of cancer.. sad

Another Jamie book to my collection!

Started on this yesterday ~ very entertaining.
Like the intro pages at the beginning of all of Neil Gaiman's books!

So what are you folks planning for the weekend? Any crafting? any reading? any cooking? any trips?

Oh Diyana!! Prosperity Burger is BACK!


stargal said...

me! me! me! i'm going caving this sat!

will post abt it when (and IF) i come back in 1 piece! :P

Biblo said...

You made me want to read this Neil Gaiman! Why ah?

Arlene said...

Bavaria donut my fav too..yummy!

Emily said...

Biblo! I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'The American Gods' by Gaiman... the first was a book for children ...'Coraline'... pretty scary!

My copy of American Gods is rather tattered and held together with a rubberband! you want? ie if I can locate it!

Emily said...

Stargal, how come I missed this the last time I was at the Caves?

Emily said...

Arlene! Their new square wholemeal ones are quite good too!