Sunday, March 29, 2009

I made my own shampoo today!

I know my shampoo supply was running low but I abstained from buying a new bottle on numerous trips to the shopping malls and jusco..... just because I can not bear the idea of throwing away yet another plastic bottle without reusing it and honestly how many empty shampoo bottles can you reuse?

Thank you Google! Here's what I found when I typed in "homemade shampoos" !

Video on: How to make your own shampoo and rinse!

I made enough for one small shampoo bottle and used the entire contents for one hair wash this evening......

As for the rinse, I will try the recipe as soon as I have another empty bottle!

p.s. The homemade shampoo works fine!


Alviana said...

making ur own shampoo? that's cool!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Hi Alviana, Just follow the instructions as per video link given in above posting! Very simple!

twister said...

have you tried your shampoo? how was it?