Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bento #60 & Exercise

I started my new job today and also made it a point to start exercising too! This morning I only managed 3~1km rounds in 40mins. Breakfast was papaya, wholemeal bread with canola spread with orange marmalade and a mug of plain black coffee.

And I packed my bento for back-to-work last night. Two slices of wholemeal bread (cut with a butter knife hence the squashed look); shredded chicken breast meat with avocado spread and papaya. I shared the chicken avocado spread with my workmate and she loved it!

Look what Diyana brought us when she came by Monday night to stay over! Sago pudding ~ her very first attempt! DH said for her to bring more the next trip!

Gonna walk at least 40mins every day this week..


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Emily
Keep walking, keep exercising. No pain, no gain! I went for my aerobics class today and I feel real goood!

javapot said...

great to see your bentos Emily!! The chicken avocado looks yummy. I got one avocado sitting in the fridge waiting.

Biblo said...

Ah... finally back to working already. How was it?

But you were busy freelancing (100Yen outlet reviews), does that mean we'll have less of that now? LOL!!

Great to see your bento... hm.. am I motivated yet? Sigh!!!

Emile Zola@life said...

Glad to know that you back to work, few of my friends just lost their job due to factory closed down.

3lilangels said...

Hey, I've started exercising too. Sore all over, but exhilarating.

Love the Chicken Avocado. Must try it soon. What did you add in it?

Glad Diyana managed to buy the sago. The sago pudding looks yum.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Hiya Ladies,
Even DH says that he has less aches and pains once he recovered fm his bout of flu and started walking again!

Just shredded chicken meat (leftovers from double boiling herbal chicken soup), mashed avocado, salt and pepper! and garnished with cili flakes!

Sago's yumms!

Whoah, Biblo - come lah, lets exercising together2!