Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exercise and Favorite Pastime!

While I did not have a morning walk yesterday, I cleaned the apartment for 2 hours and sweated half a bucket! In addition to resuming the morning walks, I have cut back on food portions at dinner.

This morning I had 3rounds of 1km in 35mins!! Probably due to the reason that the sun was up and I had my eyes to the ground and trying to hurry up and get out of the areas which were unshaded!

And look what I found on my camera!


javapot said...

I like your pastime! :)
Tks for posting all the pix of accessories available, it was good to porn!! he he

Keep up the walks!

Ashley Two Fish said...

you are such a sucker with your bento accessories, hahah! just can't resist yourself? i think i'll be like u too if i got into it. they're just so cute!

*You Lite Up My Life* said...

Emily.. you have too many already... mind share some.. hehe..

ya,keep up the walks!!!

Emily said...

Ladies! Enjoy the pictures while they are still coming cos I am back to nose-to-the-grind on Tuesday! Hopefully.... me think....