Sunday, March 15, 2009

Was in Melaka This Weekend

I did not walk on Friday and today (sunday) but I walked 4~1km rounds on Saturday; and had my usual breakfast of fruits and bread and plain coffee.

Went down to Melaka on saturday mid day and we stopped over at Nilai rest area for our usual stopover meal of local Malay food!

Above & Below pics: What I spied on the way to Melaka Town

We had a feast at the wedding dinner on saturday night and after a 2-pak-each of nasi lemak bungus and kopi-kurang-manis at breakfast today for us; lunch had to be minimal!

Picture below: Allo Gobi (a cauliflower and green pea veg curry - tomatoe based)

Below: a freshly prepared dahl dish

Below: Three pieces of the softest and tender chapatti I had ever eaten!

Below: Pricey or not? Total of RM16.50

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