Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saturdy 28 March 09 ~ Make a Date with Mother Earth!

We had the TV, astro and fan on in the living hall, kitchen ~ only the small fridge was operating, the 3 door fridge scheduled to go back into operations tomorrow morning. With the exception of the DVD player and amplifier on standby mode (they being connected on the same extension plug, everything else was off including the lights on our landing at the staircase!

This saturday 28th March Earth Hour is again; I remember not being able to participate last year cos we were at an official function. Hopefully this year can persuade DH to watch TV in darkness for an hour!

A couple of blogger friends have blogged about EarthHour 2009, read about it at: KeatsThesSunshineGirl and at BentoPet blogs.

What I have been doing for the past year:

1. I do my utmost best to not bring home any new plastic bags when I go shopping for fresh produce at the wet market ~ something of which I am happy to say that I have had great results! Down to nil each trip with an exception of one tiny bag on two separate occasions!

2. On the whole, I have reduced my consumption of plastic bags from shopping down to almost nil or maybe 95% from before. But still am quilty of buying lots of stuff with wasteful packaging! Have to relook at ways to curtail that!

3. Surf the internet in darkness! unless of course I am typing from notes!

4. In the evenings, no unnecessary lights are left on.

5. Switching off switches instead of leaving them on 'stand-by mode'

6. Yes, I turn off the tap while I'm brushing my teeth or while soaping myself and while shampooing my hair too!

7. And separate my garbage for recycling!

8. And practising wastefree packaging bentos and when buying food home - I always use my metal tiffin carriers!

So? What have you done this past year? 6 months? 3 months? month? or weeks? to give Mother Earth a helping hand?


Emile Zola@life said...

I think everyone already knew about this, suprising my mum staying at the kampung also knew about this, and she wanted to practise as well. Good for the earth.

stargal said...

watch tv in the dark? but aren't we supposed to switch off all the electrical items (where possible) in the house, and not just the lights?

Emily said...

Stargal! hello! try telling my DH that...

If its me alone, I will be having a lantern party with the residents of my apartment complex!