Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finally, Some Pics of New Stock @ Kuchai!

100Yen at Kuchai:
10, Jln Kuchai Maju 1,
Off Kuchai Lama Enterprenuer Park,
58200 KL.
Tel: 79822010


Arlene said...

Oh wow so many picks+barans very tempting!!!!

Emile Zola@life said...

Wah, a lot of choices ler, but the place is too far for me.

twister said...

If i am there, i will be broke....haha!

Rose said...

Hi Emily

I wish 100 Yen was near my place. Would love to go and see all those things in your pic.

Off topic - how did you put the background design and the header design in your blog. As far as I know we pick a theme and that's it. I don't have adobe photoshop, just paint and I can't seem to do much with paint.

Whenever I think of food I scroll your blog and the next thing you know I am hunting for something to eat.Love them.Keep it up gurl.

Emily said...

Hi Rose,
here you go:

this link is also available on my left side bar. Remember to save all your links somewhere cos once you select new template and install, all old links will DISAPPEAR!!

Sheryn said...


I'm from Singapore n new to bento. I saw your blog with lots of bento accessories....just wondering if you will be visiting Singapore as was wondering if you can help me buy the items from 100 yen shops or we can do a swap?

Emily said...

I visited your blog which is rather new.....

Here are two Malaysians selling bento items:

They will be delighted to help you out!

Emily said...

Arlene, Sonia & Twister!

Aiseh! Come and buy lah, sure not to regret one!

*You Lite Up My Life* said...

Emily, thanks for the Kuchai 100 Yen address & contact, hope to go there very soon :)

& thanks for the layout link, me too hope to learn to beautify my blog.