Friday, April 24, 2009

Bento #62 and something natural...

I only walked once this week but nevertheless managed to maintain the weight loss from last week due to a snackless environment!

Today's bento is home made (leftovers!) from last night's dinner:

Papaya, stewed chicken in oyster sauce with carrots and fresh mushrooms; steamed french beans and chinese cabbage with spinach spaghetti. Savory biscuit. (This week I had been snacking! aiks!!)

I have been washing my hair with the bicarbonate of soda in warm water for a couple of weeks now... so far so good, but still have not tried the cider vinegar rinse. Came across this natural shampoo for body and hair and this sounds mighty interesting. Will edit this post with the address of the shop later.

From Jumble Station's Teaching single parents to fish! posting, came across this bit:

For single mother Panjalai, who earns only RM600 as a kindergarten helper and has only RM200 to survive on after deducting rental each month, learning to ‘fish’ is something she is just beginning to grasp. Jumble Station assisted her by securing her a small space in a shoplot at Angsana Flats for RM100 rental where she can now sell some items to the local residents there.This little shop now sells detergents – powdered and liquid – formula from the well recognised name Kleenso.

Kleenso’s founder Mr Lee Teck Meng was kind enough to participate in this ‘teaching to fish’ exercise by supplying Panjalai’s shop with several of his branded products including bleach, softener, floor, glass and bathroom cleaners, car polish etc. There were also liquid detergent refills where one could bring one’s old plastic containers and buy the refill for a much cheaper price. Panjalai would earn some 30sen to 50sen per bottle sold while Jumble Station chipped in by passing to her some children’s toys, both big and small, to enable her to draw in the mothers and children to her shop.

Seems that Jumble Station has opened another outlet at Urban Station on the first floor of the old bus station. Wonder if the Kleenso products are available there?!!!


Emile Zola@life said...

The natural shampoo for body and hair are new to me, yes, it is good to use natural and organic stuffs, nowadays many stuffs are contain too much of chemical.

3lilangels said...

The shampoo reminds me that traditionally Indians put coconut and palm oil in their hair as moisturiser. Which is why their hair is so black and glossy.

So is your hair black and glossy now?

Was going to say your bento is very healthy - til your remark that you've been snacking this week. I've been eating ice-cream this week. I blame it on the unbearably hot weather. :D

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Yeah, a sure reminder of the coconut oil. Now. I guess we have 'dead' hair, thanks to the chemicals we use to have beautiful hair!!