Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Da De Da and Curry Puff....!

Got a call from Bento Pet at 1.00pm sharp asking why no update from me, how's my new job etc and we also spoke about a certain contest thats ending soon!

I pointed that the rules are 'bentos made/prepared by self' and by that I dont qualify as most of my packed bentos are outsourced! hahahaha! but nevertheless I will try and prepare a 100% homemade bento for the contest if she participates too.

Then Pat said that she is too buzy for a karipap (sounds like!) style bento and I said 'karipap?' - oh I surely can eat one! hahahaha again ! Anyway we talked each other into submitting an entry for JAVAPOT'S CONTEST WITH FABULOUS PRIZE AND TWO PRIZES AT THAT!

Pat said that she had been abandoned by her three gurls and thus this will give her three hours this afternoon to go through her inventory for tools to make a kawaii bento to send in! And she did remind me that I have loads of cutters and moulds from my numerous visits to 100Yen and Daiso and why dont I use those? Wot? Open and use my stash? all pretty and nice still in their original packing? no lah - those are part of my growing catalogue samples wor!! hahahaha again some more! Gonna crack my head on what to make for the contest... stay tune...!

And I leave you with more pictures from our Penang trip earlier this year! Enjoy!

Above: This beaded shoes shop was a disappointment.... :(

Above: Right - nutmeg fruit!

Below: Interesting find on the pavement!

Above: Muar Chee stall on wheels!

Below: Pasembur seller on wheels!

Below: Vadai and other goodies on wheels, so many of these kitchens on wheels everywhere!
Below: I dont believe I showed off the latest addition to my growing collection of multi tier-ed cake stands!


javapot said...

i oso wondering why so quiet :)

as long as you 'boxed = prepared' the bento, i don't see any problem using some 'outsourced' food leh. *am i reading the rules wrongly ah???* Anyway, if feel bad can explain lor.

100% pure homemade/grown food in difficult leh - never expected people to grow own veg and meat.

anyway, suppose to be FUN activity, don't want people to labour in kitchen unnecessary unless they don't mind or can't help it. I know everyone is busy.

btw, be quick ah...i closing contest a little earlier tmrw unless got valid protest.

Emily said...

wei wei... normally its understood-ed that its always mid-nit! and not earlier! can be later e.g. 12 hours or 24 hrs or 48 hours later but never never earlier wor!

Emile Zola@life said...

where you got this multi tier-ed cake stands? very nice lah.

javapot said...

ha ha ha....were u one of those last minute students ah? actually i'm one of those that cramp last minute right up to the exam hall.

can lah right....after all if you've been thinking about it subconsciously....its all a matter then of putting it together. email pix and info 1st then post in your blog later.

just figured its unlikely people would be bento-ing to wee hours of midnight and even much less on a Friday night.

Bento Pet said...

You must have been HUNGRY when you heard me. I said "Charaben" not Karipap. Hahaha! I was rolling when I read the Karipap story!

Haven't even begun anything yet, have you?

javapot said... neck growing long for both of u oredi leh......a little tired, so maybe I snooze first ya. ;)

javapot said...

*pout* kena con...u better bring some karripap over here to share and make amends ;) ha ha ha

Lula said...

Penang looks great - really interesting

Lula x

3lilangels said...

I WAS wondering what is a 'karipap' style bento. haha.... You must be really hungry indeed.... mixing charaben with karipap.

Love your cake stand. I'm still yet to buy any.

Biblo said...

So, in the end... nothing?

Paul Lionel said...

"Wot? Open and use my stash? all pretty and nice still in their original packing? no lah - those are part of my growing catalogue samples wor!!"

ROFL!!! Sounds like me and my yarns!