Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not So Lazy Sunday.....

This morning I was pottering around in the apartment before I managed to get out the front door for my morning walk...... one of the things I did was stepping onto the scales..... hoot! hoot! the needle did not reach 70kg.... 152 (not 159) lbs!!!

Managed only two rounds of 1km walk - first round I was busy snapping pics of the recently repaired roads within the apartment complex and other things (not to be mentioned in a foodie post!).

After which I prepared for my trip to the wet market.... green tote bags x 2: checked! containers for wet produce: checked! used plastic bags: checked! purse, hphone, car keys.. checked! After getting into the car and starting the engine...... there was a 'ping and crackled' sound - OMGosh! what was that sound? turned around and saw that my rear windscreen is now nicely MARBLED! Aiyoh! Whats with me and windscreens these days!?? My front windscreen was damaged just before CNY and now the rear one pulak! Tomorrow have to take taxi to work!

Anyway consolation for today was that DH took me and my mother out to lunch at 'Purple Cane' which is located within the Chinese Assembly Hall building in KL.. and the food is rather GOOD!

Nibbles: Above - honey cashew nuts coated with sesame seeds

Above: Pickled young papaya!

Above and below: Soup in a Pot! Very interesting!

Above: the soup poured out into tiny teacups!

Above: Contents of the soup left in the teapot!

Above: (L) the empty soup/teacup! (R) cuppa Pu Err Char

Above: small bowl of brown rice

Above: Boxing Chicken Wings with Crispy Fried Char Kuay

Above: Salted Egg Yolks Fried with Bittergourd and garlic
Above: Teow Chew Steamed Fish Fillet with Soft White Tofu
Above: Stir Fried Lotus Roots with sweet corn, garnished with almond flakes
Above: Closeup of SF Lotus Root
Above: The three of us did a good job of cleaning up of the plates!
Above: The three of us shared one helping of.....
Above: Almond jelly in Black Tea, with a squeeze of lime! Interesting!
Above: served in a tiny bowl!
Above: Lastly, Green Tea Tong Yuan rolled in pounded peanuts!

And I won the guessing game of how much the bill will tally up to: RM91.00 after less 10% gold card discount, add service tax! I guessed RM99.00 (which is actually correct if not for the 10% gold card discount!)

Purple Cane Tea Cultural Centre Sdn Bhd is opened daily from 11.30am to 10.00pm. But 'tai chow' dishes are not available between 2.30 to 5.30pm - only tea and noodle dishes.

Purple Cane
The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall,
No 1 Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603-22723090
Fax: 603-22723281


Janet C said...

Sorry to hear about your windscreen!
And the jelly in black tea with a squeeze of lime sounds did it taste?

javapot said...

aiyo, sorry to hear about the windscreen incident. i've also tried purple cane (i think) at The Gardens, it was good.

stargal said...

yummy yummy!

but what caused the 'ping and crackled'? it cracked just like that?

Emile Zola@life said...

sorry to hear about the windscreen indicent.I like the Boxing Chicken Wings with Crispy Fried Char Kuay.

kel said...

Sorry 2 hear about ur windscreens 'ping and crackled' incidents in just a few months. U got it fix oledi?

Tried Purple Cane once at The Garden, found the food portions were rather small.


Oh didnt know they have a branch there too.

Alviana said...

Uh yummy! u makes me hungry :p