Monday, February 09, 2009

What I did get to eat in Georgetown! Day 2

We were walking around Georgetown looking for the Chowrasta Market on Jalan Penang and found this snack sold by this vendor beside the market.

cucur udang with beansprouts!

Above: My fav dessert ~ ice campur

Above: the finished snack of cucur udang served together with fried tofu and a lovely sauce!

Above: Greedy me! Selasih with coconut

Above: Diyana's fried kuehteow, she said strange color but tasted fine! RM2.00!

Above: Our first Nasi Kandar in Penang, so so only. Prawns, fried chicken, fish curry, long beans and papadom with white rice. Two mineral water and iced lemon tea ~ Total RM26++ This was the famous place in a side street.


Lillie said...

Did you get to taste the famous Cendol on Penang Rd?

Emily said...

sob!! no woh.....