Monday, February 09, 2009

What I did get to eat in Georgetown ~ Day 3

Last Day of our Penang Trip.

After breakfast courtesy by Old Penang Guesthouse, we went for a tour of the Peranakan House (see other post on this) and was looking for the all elusive Pasembur seller at 'further down the street' thingy and did not find any. But look what we found instead? another Nasi Kandar venue. This is on the ground floor of Merlin hotel and it was the best of the three we ate.

We did not see any crabs nor fried fish roe but there was the prawns. Today we included kambing kurma (just for me!) and the usual fare of fried chicken and fried cabbage in tumeric. We also had the brinjals curry and nasi briyani as well as white rice. Total bill RM38.00

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