Saturday, February 21, 2009


I chanced upon some avocados at the wet market this week, going for 1kg @ RM7.00! What a steal of a price! Had to wait a couple of days before these were ready for .....

Below: Avocado and Tuna Light spread!
Above: my version has chopped yellow & red capsicum, a bit of red cili, small red onions and I totally forgot about salt and pepper - but hey! it still tasted great!

Above: Had it with normal wholemeal bread from Gardenia (remember? me no baker!) for breakfast this morning!

Above: Served DH the same for lunch accompanied with boiled scrubbed potatoes topped with red&yellow capsicum with tomatoes sauted in olive oil and garlic with a splash of red wine relish.

Got this amazing idea from Bento Pet who in turn got it off MasakMasak!

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Emile Zola@life said...

Emily, I have received the Bento set and small accessories, my kids are so excited to see it. Thanks you very much. I will publish the Bento photos and will use this it for my next Bento.