Saturday, February 28, 2009

This and That! and Food!

Have you been feeding my koi fish when visiting my blog? I got this cOOL thingy from AshleyTwoFish at blogspot and was totally smitten with her koi fish and absolutely had to get my own! AshleyTwoFish did a great writeup on it (Read it here:)

Last year I miss this Earth Hour event as I found out about it too late but have put a reminder to self on my sidebar on the right! Came across this year's event at Stargal's blog
here, go on, slot the date and time on your calendar and PARTICIPATE!

Psst2! Just got word that 100yen Tmn Desa has new stock! Anyone dropping by tomorrow?!!

On 100yen outlet, here is one of my favorite purchase from them ~ A GIANT wire hangar! Todate I bought three! Initially my 2nd gurl was like 'Isnt it too big?' but happy to say she is happy to have it for drying her bath towel!

Rosie has been feeding me well this past week!

Above: Today's early dinner!

Above: Previous previous day's lunch

Above: Yesterday's dessert ~ crepes with peanut butter filling, nuttella filling and plain with a sprinkle of sugar!

Above: Packed dinner of baked macaroni and salad

I was caught unprepared for a heavy downpour the other day whilst at Pudu market shopping for a ceramic pot (tungchoon) for the chicken essence I have been making for my DH. What else can one do in this circumstance? Eat lah!

Below: Lime drink and Lum Meen. I dont really like lum meen but hey this was good! hahaha

Below: Fin!


Emile Zola@life said...

Emily, I can't read the message in this post, the color is too light, maybe I'm old already, hahaha..

Emily said...

Hi Sonia,
I change font color to black, hope it helps! Tks for dropping by!

3lilangels said...

I didn't have time today (Sunday). But am going tomorow. Let's hope the things aren't all snapped up, like in Daiso.

How's the new job? So sad I can't date you out on a weekday anymore.

Emily said...

Me too, no opportunity to venture out of the house today. Going today (mon!) what time will you be there?

There! the above outing means that I am not starting work today! Postponed yet another week!