Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lunch Meetup With BentoPet

We metup at Daiso this morning and after spending an hour there; both of us left with a bag each of purchases!

It was tough making up our minds on what and where to eat at the 'food street' but eventually, Little Penang Kafe won!

Above: my ice kacang (BentoPet had a cincau drink)

Above: My set Lunch and half a portion of Otak2 while BentoPet had a bowl of Asam Laksa!
Look What BentoPet gave me (pic below)!
and a large tumbler too!

Thanks a bunch for the lovely stuff and Lunch! Paisei lah!


kel said...

I definitely wanna join next time, * sob sob *

Was at Tesco this morning, hop over to Daiso for a minute (at 10.30am), couldn't see u girl, so dissapointed. Sorry again, for not able to join u girls.

Emily said...

Aiseh gurl! you should have made it 11.30am (time I arrived was 11.15ish) BentoPet came about 10mins later. Lets plan something for a meetup... soon!

Lots of goodies at Daiso right? Hope you grab some. See you at 100Yen Desa too?

kel said...

Yeah, U told me the time, but that was the time I could make it, gotta left Tesco by 11 to go fetch little girl.

Sure, will try to find time to Desa soon.