Sunday, November 01, 2009

Look! A Swirling Bag of My Own!

Enjoying Sex and The City (The Movie!) with my two daughters on the eve of Terry Fox Run (DH is joining us this year!) and learning the ropes on how to use the new format at blogspot!

Here it is ! My very own Swirling Bag !

Side A

Side B

Yup, these latest purchases from 100Yen and Daiso were in it! With room left for more!

Animal mayo containers from Daiso, the rest 100Yen Kuchai!

Above and Below: Sandwich maker

Thanks ~ click here> Wendy for this lovely bag!


Biblo said...

LOL!! Didn't know it was a magic bag... how come got stuffs from 100Yen and Daiso in it? I remember I only sent the bag....Oh... you went shopping!!

Happy running today!

Sonia said...

I like that Swirling Bag too, look awesome.

3lilangels said...

Cool stuff.

Rooting for your run.

zarina said...

Its been a long time that I have not seen any crafty work from you.

javapot said...

ooh, new stuff from Kuchai. Nice twirly bag!

Janet C said...

Saw the swirling bag IRL yesterday. The purple is very Emily!! :D

Za said...

I really love that swirling bag! Need to get Wendy to teach me too!

BTW, Emily, thanks for the offer on the fabrics. I was not well when Wendy smsed me. Was down with flu and not much in the mood to drive anywhere. Thanks anyway!