Monday, December 07, 2009

OMG! Its the last month of Year 2009!

Thanks JavaPot
 for the Happy Mama Award! I cannot say that I have been a good mother while my two gurls were growing up; but nevertheless they grown up pretty well despite their circumstances.
Click below to see the then and now pictures:
(Okay okay - am so going back to wavy hair!)

Above: my book haul from the 2009 Big Bad Wolf book sale by BookXcess at Amcorp Mall!

Below: Pictures from latest visit to 100Yen Kuchai on Sunday ~ Enjoy!

Above: kiddies heart shaped bento boxes with fork&spoon and two inserts

Above & Below: new bento boxes

Above & Below: new kitchen pieces

~ * ~

Above:  Currently reading my first Sue Townsend book, an Adrian Mole series and below
 - right on top ~ Knitting was finished within half a day while DH was undergoing a minor procedure late last month.  I foresee that I shall be able to catch up on loads of reading for the month of December!

Below: I had been tippy toe-ing around in this strappy pair lately!


javapot said...

aaaaah....i want that ben 10 box!! ha ha ha Funny how i seem to buy things I THINK my son will like when he actually doesn't really care! :( Anyway tks for sharing.
Hey, once a mum, always a mum right even though your gals have grown up (no wonder u can 'relax' now) :)

synical said...

I was gonna say that you should read Adrian Mole from the beginning, but the Cappucino Years pun boleh lah :D

Yeapies said...

hey Emily, pls dun buy everything off the shop. leave some for me ya. will be visiting kl this weekend. :)

mollyjinxed said...

u've always been a great mommy. n a great fren.. couldnt ask for more..

love u ma!!!!!!

stargal said...

adrian mole!!! what i used to read in school...

Emily said...

javapot: I was good, did not get any bento stuff; just a black T and measuring cup!

synical: I have only daughters; not interested in the growing up years of a male! Cappuccino Years is entertaining!

Yeapies: no worries, left alot of stuff for you! do show us when you bought okay?

mollyjinxed: Awhhhhh you are so sweet, luv ya!

stargal: have you read other books by Sue Townsend? Gonna read 'Queen Camilla' next! Diyana says its hilarious!