Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog for FT ~ If You Are Not Already!

Read the fabulous articles by my one and only (thus far) blogging student HERE! and Go Vote for Keats The Sunshine Girl! Do click on the two articles: 'Kolam - Happy Deepavali' and Flower Sellers - 'Pookaris' - look for the 'Vote for my entry' thumb sign. Thanks!

Ms Keats took to blogging like fish to water and in the short span of a few months, has more readers and commentators than moi! She writes from her heart and whatever subject matter she writes on, she gives us a fresh take on the matter and she post lovely pictures too!

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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Emily, thanks very much for all your kind support and really kind words . YOU introduced me to blogging to unclog myself! I want to do my best for this competition and I hope I 'll get the support all the way from friends near and far.

I started writing to say little things close to my heart and to have friends on the blogoshere. Now this competition gives me the impetus to tell the world more about KL, my home. Thank you all :))