Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching Up!

Java Pot of MyCuppaTales awarded me the following:

Thanks Java!  Well, I do not have 15 new blogs to introduce to my readers but below are some that I do visit besides all my local blogger sites!

"Life After Money" (psst! she doesnt know that I visit her!);
"Bronwyn's Food & Shoes!" who is a fabulous cook and a shoe addict!
"Attic 24!" a Crochetty site!

Hey! See below our very own non wasteful and totally biodegradable bento!

Nasi Lemak Ikan Kering! At RM1.00 some more!

Below: packed lunch from around Ampang:

Something color purple:

Its a hand operated chopper:

And I used it to grind my chicken liver pate!  Recipe from Food & Shoes!

Yup! I baked me some scones too!


javapot said...

Hi Emily...just like u to include some inticing yummy pix and a ndw gadget into this post!!! :)

can i say wow u made pate, my fav. tried making it once and will leave it to the experts, ha ha So the handheld chopper is good? seen it around.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Emily, scones and tea go down well with me. Let's make a date and enjoy some,ok?

javapot said...

hi hi...juz when u finished one, i'm passing 2 more your way!!! hope u aren't bored oredi! last 2 ok (promise....for this year!).

1) Kreative Blogger award and 2) Happy Mama Blogger.