Saturday, October 17, 2009

Book Haul From Recent Pearson Warehouse Sale!

Would you believe it? I visited the warehouse sale thrice! With management in tow!

From bottom up!
A hardcover of a gem: Tony Bennett In The Studio, A Life of Art & Music! Another hardcover: Jamie's Ministry of Food - full of pictures! and recipes of course. Book 1 and 2 of Jamie Olivier, the Naked Chef and the Return of the Naked Chef.

BELOW: First book down: Don't Try This at Home (Even the world's finest cooks have their off days. In Don't Try This at Home, 33 chefs and food writers talk about the times when it all went horribly wrong. There are stories about greedy pets, clumsy waiters, and drunken maitre d's; the food that fails to arrive for a party, wedding cakes that disintegrate, the terrine that falls into a bowl of chocolate sauce, not to mention the tales of kitchen pranks and youthful mistakes. How the chefs manage to save the day is as entertaining as the disasters that strike them. Funny, cringe-making and terribly reassuring, Don't Try This at Home is a delicious reminder that even the chefs we most admire aren't always perfect!); Sue Townsend's Queen Camilla, Jenna Bailey's Can Any Mother Help Me?; Hillary Rodham Clinton's It Takes A Village;

followed by: Gary Geddes's Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things; Roger Highfield's The Science of Harry Potter - How Magic Really Works; Dr Andrew Weil's EatingWell For Optimum Health and Spontaneous Healing.

Below: Anne Bartlett's Knitting - Lives are like threads.... they unravel (how apt!); William J. Mann's KATE, The Woman Who Was Katharine Hepburn; Kate Jacobs' Comfort Food; and lastly one of my favorite male writers ~ Paul Theroux's The Old Patagonian Express and The Elephanta Suite.

I am in BookHeaven!


javapot said...

good haul - been looking for the jamie oliver book on sale, where did u get yours?

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Auyah! is it over? the sale?? now you can have a holiday just reading and enjoying them all!!

Emily said...

Ladies, the Pearson Penguin sale ended last sunday. But fear not, The Big Bad Sale of BookExcess is scheduled for end November with guaranteed better prices! So watch out for the announcement!

Janet C said...

What a haul! food some more!! ;)

javapot said...

Big Bad Sale huh...hope the prices are really b-a-d!! ha ha

anyway, got award for u :)

Alviana said...

wow! i'm so wanting these too. i wish there's a book sale like that in my place..

chicklit said...

hi there:) the sue townsend book looks interesting! anyway, i'm looking for book swappers, so I started a forum just for that. Would you like to join? It's malaysian based

3lilangels said...

WOW. What a haul!! I spent too much time on kids' books, so by the time I got to the adults books, my head was spinning. haha... I missed out on your great buys.

Am looking forward to the Big Bad Sale instead. Let me know yeah?