Wednesday, April 25, 2007

X-Stich and X-Stich Gift!

I got a very pleasant surprise when I got home last evening... tried a new route home which was very good - smooth flowing - half hour in total. Left showroom at 6.30 and arrived home at 7.05pm! And there was a little softie and pufffy envelope bearing my name on the table!

Here it is! Thanks Zohrah! Your stitching is superb! And you remembered my favourite color too!

And the heart is a freebie from GOS secured by our very own MW for the ignorant few of us who subscribed to the online mag! The stitched heart is for my boxy lady project! Thanks MW!


Barbara said...

That's quick progress on the french heart! Lovely gift from Zohrah!

Emily said...

Two nights of stitching!

Emily said...

Oh, forgot to mentioned, its DMC 115!

Janet C said...

Very pretty pc from Zohrah.
BTW what's the pc resting on in the first pic? Sponge?

Emily said...

Janet, it was displayed on top of our aromatic candle - scent was jasmin and its 'Coral & Sky Light' design, 6" diameter and 3" height and it has 3 wicks to burn. Its selling for RM80.00 per pc. From 3rd to 31st May, we are having our 1st Anniversary Sale. Scented candles are going for Buy 1 and get 2nd pc (of same value or less) at 80% discount!