Friday, April 20, 2007

Update on moi Scan

Getting a car park space was so easy this morning though I did arrived alittle after 9am. So I guess that the privatisation of the car park system at HKL works. They even provide shuttle service by way of Pergio vans picking up nurses and patients and visitors alike and dropping them en route. I left around 11ish and paid a total of only RM2.00 for the parking.

And boy was I famished after the scan. I drove back to Taman Maluri and headed straight for the best Curry Laksa stall - under the bamboo trees! The laksa is served with wantan noodles and I ordered mine with an extra serving of steamed chicken breastmeat! Yummy! And I had a bowl of hot lin chee kang to go with it!

Ok ok, back to the scan: (BJ would comment that I am such a foodie!)

Hey, I managed to have a short nap while undergoing the scan! I think it took about 10 mins, first a whole body scan and then they concentrated on the throat area. And after a half hour wait, the results were ready! My young doctor, Dr Yusri, informs that there is evidence that the thyroid gland is active again (?) translated into - the cancer cells are there again. Well, it has been five years since my operation which was done in Assunta hospital in February 2002.

Anyway they scheduled me for a five day, four night stay at de HKL on 19/11/07 - wah - full board and lodging - just hope that the food is great! Cos, the first time I had Iodine Therapy which was carried out at Sri Kota Hospital in Klang, I had wanted to go down to the kitchen to strangle the cook or give him two tight slaps for the lousy food that I was served with! LOL I had to beg the nurses there to get me Paper Dohsai(?) from Little India down the street from Sri Kota Hospital for me to survive! LOL! Now, what shall I bring to stitch during my so call 'Retreat' - I shall be in isolation - translates into 'no DH' telling its so late - you not sleeping yet ah? - what shall I bring to stitch - x-stich ke or crochet? What a lovely holiday for me - doing nothing but stitching. Looking forward to 19th Nov 07!

At Assunta hospital, the daily menu was fantastic! That's why my Mother loves staying at Assunta - good food and very attentive nursing care and my brother totally supports her in her grading of Assunta's service.

I should consider myself lucky, cos this is only the 2nd time that I will be undergoing iodine therapy after 5 years. While I was waiting for my results, I was talking to a young woman who had her operation in 2005, she informed me that she is scheduled for her third iodine therapy and that she has had 3 rounds of iodine examinations already todate. Yes, I am lucky in that sense. I will be glad to get back on my medications again tomorow morning, have been cracky without them!

To all my gurl pals at NNC, many thanks for reading! and thanks for all the warm thoughts and well wishes for the past week! Much appreciated.



Barbara said...

Thanks for the update. I suppose there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. Things could be much worse.

As I said before, I believe and affirm that you are one brave cookie!

Happy retreat! :) Shall I pass some of my UFO's for you to complete? Hmmm....that's an idea ;)

Take care Em and yes you ARE a foodie! No doubt about that ;)

June said...

Take care and fingers crossed that you nip it this time again.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Intereting to know you are so looking forward to your retreat because of the food....bwahaha.

Take care and hugs.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Aiyah...mesti sayang apa kain JT yang diberi. Nanti pelan-pelan boleh fikir apa mahu transform itu kain. Mahu cari good fengshui to use....bwahahaha.

Can you select on others also to I'm not logged to Google all the time. Thank you ah, leng loi.

ShannyK-L said...

Emily, This is the 1st time I've heard of anyone so looking forward to staying in a HOSPITAL , just because of the food!?!? LOL! Had my share of hospital food experience also....

Come to think about it, that time I also wanted to strangle the cook for bringing me chicken porridge in ICU when it was supposed to be brought a day before the operation!

Well, enjoy your retreat and I hope you nip it this time! :) May be stitching/crochet something for X'mas?

Emily said...

Hello ladies, Well, for me who is the short order cook for moi household, of course I look forward to being served cooked food thats not cooked by me.

whitecalla said...

Hang on there Emily, am sure you'll breeze thru it and come out looking as radiant as ever. Do take care and take both xs and crochet, it gives you an option to switch during your 'retreat'