Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NELL/J RR06 is completed and Home!

Its finally completed and home! And I have June to thank for! She was absolutely bust for time but yet she took my NELL RR06 home to complete it!

My other partners for the NELL RR06 are Niesa and CK, who stitched their parts last year and when Charlene step out of our RR due to motherhood, the last part was unspoken for... until June so graciously volunteered. Thank you Niesa and CK! Hope all of you had fun stitching this for me. Butterfly kisses to all!

I love my NELL/J RR06 in that although the centre portions of all four parts are from designers charts, my partners stitched their own bits and pieces to make up their squares thus personalising my NELL/J RR06 which is what I love most about it! No one else has it!

Niesa's :

Moi's :

CK's :

June's :

Finally, NELL/J RR06:


Barbara said...

Just looking at it makes me happy. It's got that effect :D So bright and full of colour. Congratulations all!

whitecalla said...

Its a very unique piece. Congratulations for a successful round.

Emily said...

Thank you BJ and Lillie, Yes, it bright and cherry and definitely unique!

Charlene said...

Your NELL RR piece is beautiful. Really envy it. Congrat on the complete RR and sorry that I have to pull out last minute.