Tuesday, April 17, 2007

JomBaliCafe @ Carrefour Subang

Diyana and I had a light lunch last Sunday at Carrefour Subang at where the La Manila and A&W outlets used to be!

There is a new F&B outlet there now called 'Jom Bali Cafe', looks very inviting and prices are the usual cafe range.

The Chicken Hor Fun ordered by Diyana was priced at RM5.90. Diyana had never eaten chicken hor fun before!

.. and a slice of Yam Cake (without the fried shrimps, topped only with fried garlic and fresh spring onions ~ but it has chunks of yam!) at RM1.90 per slice. The JomBaliCafe's White Coffee at RM2.30 is kow which is just the way I like my coffee and it was pretty good, iced water was 60sen each.


ShannyK-L said...

HAIYA!!! I miss home food liow!!.....

Emily said...

Shanny, Wait!!! trying to get picture of Chow Tou Foo for you! LOL