Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Carbs Lunches!

Here is a picture of what I have been eating for the last three days and so it shall be continuing until 16 April 2007. I have been on a non-fish and seafood diet as I need to undergo a whole iodine body scan. I am going to be so sick of chicken after that!

Thank goodness for the new Udon outlet which just opened next door! Talk about convenience!

The Chef serves me the basic dish of the chicken done in various ways, there is also an order of Japanese cold fried toufoo too. And I get a different side dish of vegs each day. Today's was stewed lotus slices.

Note: The picture was posted 'small' just in case BJ complains its too much! LOL


whitecalla said...

Yummy! yum! yum! sure looks yummy. You sure its the scan and not the chef??, kiddiiing , Emily ;D
You look so radiant from the photos at MW's, am sure nothing for you to worry. Do rest n take care :)

Emily said...

Hi Lillie, There is a number of ladies I met at the specialist clinic and we tend to raise our eye brows at each other and say ... "like what are you doing here, you look perfectly healthy! And we all laugh and part ways!" My surgery was done in 2002 and every couple of years or two, I need to have a whole body scan. I had the slow growing type.

Barbara said...

Is it a OD on iodine? Or a defficiancy of it? I've not heard about this. Must read more about it.

That spreads looks really good but not to healthful with the chicken being fried is it? I suppose you don't have much choice. But no carbs and fish is going to be tough. Hang in there.

ShannyK-L said...

WAH until 16/04 ar? I wish you luck ler.... Like Barbara said, I hope you're not going to be eating fried food, no?

BTW, you look perfectly healthy to me to need any kind of scan!!

yoonie at home said...

Hi! Emily,

Are Bonito flakes fish? I thought the Japanese sprinkle them on tofu and other dishes too.
Now, I have cravings for some Japanese!

Emily said...


Emily said...

Yoh, luckily for me I had Japanese food for three days and called it quits. Had the Chef & Brew's Cili Burger and this week back to my baked chicken pies and salad without dressing!

CraftyPretender said...

hey Em! Didn't know you had a blog until now. can I link you? (ps - the food looks fab)


Emily said...

Hi CP,
Sure, if you wish to? Tks!