Friday, April 24, 2009

Bento #62 and something natural...

I only walked once this week but nevertheless managed to maintain the weight loss from last week due to a snackless environment!

Today's bento is home made (leftovers!) from last night's dinner:

Papaya, stewed chicken in oyster sauce with carrots and fresh mushrooms; steamed french beans and chinese cabbage with spinach spaghetti. Savory biscuit. (This week I had been snacking! aiks!!)

I have been washing my hair with the bicarbonate of soda in warm water for a couple of weeks now... so far so good, but still have not tried the cider vinegar rinse. Came across this natural shampoo for body and hair and this sounds mighty interesting. Will edit this post with the address of the shop later.

From Jumble Station's Teaching single parents to fish! posting, came across this bit:

For single mother Panjalai, who earns only RM600 as a kindergarten helper and has only RM200 to survive on after deducting rental each month, learning to ‘fish’ is something she is just beginning to grasp. Jumble Station assisted her by securing her a small space in a shoplot at Angsana Flats for RM100 rental where she can now sell some items to the local residents there.This little shop now sells detergents – powdered and liquid – formula from the well recognised name Kleenso.

Kleenso’s founder Mr Lee Teck Meng was kind enough to participate in this ‘teaching to fish’ exercise by supplying Panjalai’s shop with several of his branded products including bleach, softener, floor, glass and bathroom cleaners, car polish etc. There were also liquid detergent refills where one could bring one’s old plastic containers and buy the refill for a much cheaper price. Panjalai would earn some 30sen to 50sen per bottle sold while Jumble Station chipped in by passing to her some children’s toys, both big and small, to enable her to draw in the mothers and children to her shop.

Seems that Jumble Station has opened another outlet at Urban Station on the first floor of the old bus station. Wonder if the Kleenso products are available there?!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Da De Da and Curry Puff....!

Got a call from Bento Pet at 1.00pm sharp asking why no update from me, how's my new job etc and we also spoke about a certain contest thats ending soon!

I pointed that the rules are 'bentos made/prepared by self' and by that I dont qualify as most of my packed bentos are outsourced! hahahaha! but nevertheless I will try and prepare a 100% homemade bento for the contest if she participates too.

Then Pat said that she is too buzy for a karipap (sounds like!) style bento and I said 'karipap?' - oh I surely can eat one! hahahaha again ! Anyway we talked each other into submitting an entry for JAVAPOT'S CONTEST WITH FABULOUS PRIZE AND TWO PRIZES AT THAT!

Pat said that she had been abandoned by her three gurls and thus this will give her three hours this afternoon to go through her inventory for tools to make a kawaii bento to send in! And she did remind me that I have loads of cutters and moulds from my numerous visits to 100Yen and Daiso and why dont I use those? Wot? Open and use my stash? all pretty and nice still in their original packing? no lah - those are part of my growing catalogue samples wor!! hahahaha again some more! Gonna crack my head on what to make for the contest... stay tune...!

And I leave you with more pictures from our Penang trip earlier this year! Enjoy!

Above: This beaded shoes shop was a disappointment.... :(

Above: Right - nutmeg fruit!

Below: Interesting find on the pavement!

Above: Muar Chee stall on wheels!

Below: Pasembur seller on wheels!

Below: Vadai and other goodies on wheels, so many of these kitchens on wheels everywhere!
Below: I dont believe I showed off the latest addition to my growing collection of multi tier-ed cake stands!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Made Bentos but....... camera's missing!

This week, I had only one morning of walking (3-1km rounds) and I made bento lunch today but digital camera's missing.... the memory card is in the card reader connected to my laptop. Cant remember where on earth did I stashed my camera after taking out the memory card!

Anyway I have many photos already in my harddisk drive but these sure came in handy! Pictures from our Penang trip early this year: So I leave you to enjoy The Peranakan House! They shot the drama 'The I r O n L a d y' there!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not So Lazy Sunday.....

This morning I was pottering around in the apartment before I managed to get out the front door for my morning walk...... one of the things I did was stepping onto the scales..... hoot! hoot! the needle did not reach 70kg.... 152 (not 159) lbs!!!

Managed only two rounds of 1km walk - first round I was busy snapping pics of the recently repaired roads within the apartment complex and other things (not to be mentioned in a foodie post!).

After which I prepared for my trip to the wet market.... green tote bags x 2: checked! containers for wet produce: checked! used plastic bags: checked! purse, hphone, car keys.. checked! After getting into the car and starting the engine...... there was a 'ping and crackled' sound - OMGosh! what was that sound? turned around and saw that my rear windscreen is now nicely MARBLED! Aiyoh! Whats with me and windscreens these days!?? My front windscreen was damaged just before CNY and now the rear one pulak! Tomorrow have to take taxi to work!

Anyway consolation for today was that DH took me and my mother out to lunch at 'Purple Cane' which is located within the Chinese Assembly Hall building in KL.. and the food is rather GOOD!

Nibbles: Above - honey cashew nuts coated with sesame seeds

Above: Pickled young papaya!

Above and below: Soup in a Pot! Very interesting!

Above: the soup poured out into tiny teacups!

Above: Contents of the soup left in the teapot!

Above: (L) the empty soup/teacup! (R) cuppa Pu Err Char

Above: small bowl of brown rice

Above: Boxing Chicken Wings with Crispy Fried Char Kuay

Above: Salted Egg Yolks Fried with Bittergourd and garlic
Above: Teow Chew Steamed Fish Fillet with Soft White Tofu
Above: Stir Fried Lotus Roots with sweet corn, garnished with almond flakes
Above: Closeup of SF Lotus Root
Above: The three of us did a good job of cleaning up of the plates!
Above: The three of us shared one helping of.....
Above: Almond jelly in Black Tea, with a squeeze of lime! Interesting!
Above: served in a tiny bowl!
Above: Lastly, Green Tea Tong Yuan rolled in pounded peanuts!

And I won the guessing game of how much the bill will tally up to: RM91.00 after less 10% gold card discount, add service tax! I guessed RM99.00 (which is actually correct if not for the 10% gold card discount!)

Purple Cane Tea Cultural Centre Sdn Bhd is opened daily from 11.30am to 10.00pm. But 'tai chow' dishes are not available between 2.30 to 5.30pm - only tea and noodle dishes.

Purple Cane
The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall,
No 1 Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603-22723090
Fax: 603-22723281

Friday, April 03, 2009

Bento #61 and.....

Did not walk yesterday but made up for it this morning with 4-1km rounds in 50 mins. Breakfast was wholemeal bread with usual filling, dragon fruit, papaya and orange slices. I notice that I never quite finish my mug of coffee these couple of days!

Remember my workmate from the other day..... well, I managed to convert her into not packing lunches with styrofoam! Well it helps if the gerai is just outside our office door. A new stall opened up within our grounds at Jalan Kia Peng..... yup there is where I am working now! While I pack my lunch in my bring-along-bento-box, she brings her lunch plate straight from the 'gerai'!!! Mean ikan bakar they serve!

Small portion of white rice with sambal and brocolli.., fried chicken with mango relish (hiding in the top right hand corner! yumms!) and gulai pucuk paku.

Think I will go through my bento stash and see what I can rummage up as a starter bento kit for her!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bento #60 & Exercise

I started my new job today and also made it a point to start exercising too! This morning I only managed 3~1km rounds in 40mins. Breakfast was papaya, wholemeal bread with canola spread with orange marmalade and a mug of plain black coffee.

And I packed my bento for back-to-work last night. Two slices of wholemeal bread (cut with a butter knife hence the squashed look); shredded chicken breast meat with avocado spread and papaya. I shared the chicken avocado spread with my workmate and she loved it!

Look what Diyana brought us when she came by Monday night to stay over! Sago pudding ~ her very first attempt! DH said for her to bring more the next trip!

Gonna walk at least 40mins every day this week..