Monday, October 05, 2009

I Was Down South Again!

over the weekend and scheduled to be there again next weekend!
Enjoyed some pretty good makan2 over the weekend
including these
Best pineapple tarts eVer; FROM Melaka of course!
These tarts were ten pieces in a pack
(totally surprised myself that there is still ONe Piece Left!)
and sold at totally-non-touristy-price!
After a delish home wedding dinner the nite before, me and DH was planning on having meen fun kueh at this particular coffeeshop/kafe/pub all-rolled-into-one at Melaka Raya. But the stall was closed! While DH settled for a fried noodle dish, I made the round at the 'buffet' spread that was offered.
My! My! the owner left no stone unturned or rather 'no dish' un-served! The 'buffet' was laid out accordingly as per - lets say that you fancy porridge.... every dish you normally eat with porridge is available! Nasi lemak? got! individual items available too in addition to pre-packed RM1.30 ready-to-go-or-eat-in-packs somemore! See? you may choose elaborate or simple! Chinese Chap Fan? - loads of choice! etc etc....
So? what did I have? Small portion of white rice, mini stuffed bitter gourd and eggplant from the yong-tau-foo-range, sweet & sour pork from the chinese buffet, cuttlefish sambal from the nasi lemak range and a serving of yam cake from the local snack service! and Oh a bowl of yummy carrot, corn and chicken clear broth! Delish and on the house somemore! And of course, kopi-kurang-manis-in-a-glass completes my every meal (daytime!).
And where are the pictures of these delicious fare, you ask ~ Please kick me! You know the phrase - 'don't fix things that dont need fixing?' - well the night before I took out the battery from the camera for charging - and it did not really needed recharging - was in a rush to leave the condo for KL and I TotaLLy forgot to replace the battery! Darn..
Oh, I pack extra foodstuff to go somemore.... Spied a basket of 'fresh kampong eggs' and suggested to DH that we buy some to try. While Lin (the owner) was packing them, I was looking at curry puffs and woo kok - Lin said that they are a 'must try' and 'very good' and goodness they ARE! Had them for tea when we were home..... the curry puffs turned out to be mini chicken pies! Delish and so was the woo kok... they must have been cos DH was saying just one item was enuf for him and he ate both from his plate!
So Gonna Be Back For More! Y.U.M.M.s!! aND Oh! Lin's place is just opposite the Malacca Club in town!

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3lilangels said...

Everytime you go back to Malacca, you have such a yummy makan time. *envy*