Monday, May 25, 2009

More on Mother's Day.....

Took my mother out for a belated Mother's day lunch on Sunday. There is this new outlet at IOI Mall at Puchong, well actually two new outlets side by side (they being owned and run by the same management!). Seoul Garden was the one we did not eat at though! Next weekend perhaps! BTW, Diyana commented that Seoul Garden will probably be the first Halal Korean restaurant she's come across!
We ate at Breeks! Diyana said that its menu is rather similar to that of Secret Recipe but only difference is that the food are prepared at site unlike SR.

Top & Bottom: Giant posters on the walls

Above: Breeks' Menu

Above: Freshly made mushroom soup at promotion of RM2.00 to any main meal ordered.

Above: my order of pocket toast stuff with salmon - very fresh!

Above: Mom's Crispy Chicken with curry on rice!

Above: Diyana's Chicken chop on hot plate


Emile Zola@life said...

I like that poster.

Za said...

wow! that chicken chop sure looks good!

How are you, Emily?