Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking for a Zanussi Cooker with Oven

Above: Looking for either this model or the smaller model ie without the gas cyclinder compartment.

Had been looking for a Zanussi cooker with oven for the past week and chanced upon this online shop. Pretty good setup I must say... Do have a look!

Click here: Jin Tex Electronics at Sea Park, PJ


javapot said..., i think my mum owns the oven. pretty ok except that after a few years, there are some yellow 'heat' stains at the oven door :( but i suppose if its S/S should be ok?

good luck on your purchase.

3lilangels said...

So that's what you've been busy with lately. Looks like a good buy.

kel said...

Zanussi should be a good brand, my mum owned 1 of those oven too, more than 10 yrs old now, she'd a laundry machine too lasted more than 20 yrs!

Alviana said...

looks cool!
good luck with ur choice :)

Bento Pet said...

Update please!!!!!

javapot said...

madam why so quiet? so did u get the cooker??

Biblo said...

Still looking ah? Where's the shoes post? LOL!!!

Emily said...

Stopped looking today... due to space constrain - 34.5" in between the cupboards; got a Europa instead - 34" !!!! Nope it was for work!

Gonna kick up a pair of my fav shoes and shoot a pic soon!

Thanks for commenting to this post, Ladies!