Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bento #66, Tiffin Carriers and Water Lily

This past week I managed two mornings of 3 rounds of 1km walkies all pretty much the same speed. Gotta get out of the house earlier in the mornings next week to meet the target of four 1km rounds!

This bento was deligently procured by partner at work - while I man big-boss's office, Gopal takes care of matters outside the office! Thanks Gopal for packing my lunch in this tiny carrier! and putting up with my demands on no more new plastic bags!

Above: rojak
Below: Just sizing up the tiffin carriers used by us! One on the right is mine!
Below: someone's pride and joy! Mmmp, where is my old water lily pot....? So gonna get it for my own!



Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day ! Every day is a good day to be happy .

3lilangels said...

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!!

Looks like you've got Gopal well trained. Now that you put the tiffin carriers side by side, yours looked tiny. Enough to eat, ah?

Emily said...

Keats: Tks for the mother's day wishes. hope yrs was great too.

Sharon: Enuf lor for lunch.... i did not update what I ate for teatime.... did I?!!! hahahahaha

Emily said...

p.s. Sharon - hope you enjoy Mother's day too!