Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bento #65, Tiffin Carriers and Some Reading!

I managed three 1km rounds this morning averaging 11 to 13 mins each. Today's meals are loaded with carbs! aiks!

I packed this bento last night using shredded chicken meat (leftovers from a herbal chicken soup); spinach spaghetti with sweet corn. Spicy sambal and cili padi to accompany.

Below: Nope, not mine! One on the left belongs to big boss and the smaller one for big boss's lunchmate! Mine? watch out for tomorrow!
Below: I have been destressing with a book!

Finishing the 12th of a 16 book series by Patricia Cornwall ~ BLOWFLY. By the way, Angeline Jolin is playing Kay Scarpetta on the silver screen!


kel said...

Wah! U can even get ur big boss & lunchmate to have lunch in containers! Tapek + kow tao! ;p

Emily said...

No dear, they dont eat out of the containers, their waiter for the day serve the food on proper plates with proper cutlery and ada placemats some more!

Emily said...

p.s. but the containers were only used when their waiter for the day was screaming no no to plastic bags!!! So the tiffin carriers came out of storage!

3lilangels said...

So basically tapau in tiffin carriers, then placed them in proper plates later huh? Well, as long as no plastic bags and styrofoam boxes involved. Continue to make a difference, Emily.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Hi Sharon,
Now and then got bad days! mini plastic bags for the cili or sambal!!! but lately in sync!!! Gopal did a good job (he goes buy and I serve!)