Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Learnt Something About Paper Bags!

Apparently paper bags are just as bad as plastic bags! Read here:

Paper or Plastic? How about neither! A simple change from disposable to sustainable makes a world of difference. Remember, green is the new black!

Some fast facts:
Worldwide, an estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year. Tied end to end that’s enough to circle the earth 63 times.

The plastic bags that have inundated our planet are derived from a non-renewable resource; they never break down completely; they strangle wildlife and they clog single stream recycling machinery.

According to the American Forest and Paper Association, in 1999 the U.S. alone used 10 billion paper grocery bags, requiring 14 million trees to be cut down (and as we know, deforestation is a major contributor to global warming).

Paper bags cannot be made from recycled products, they’re not strong enough. The paper bag manufacturing process adds deadly toxins to the environment. In short, paper bags are no more environmentally friendly than plastic. TRY REUSABLE BAGS!

And here are my two GREEN BAGS! I bought them when shopping at Giants at Nilai with Diyana earlier this year and have put them to good use!


Acat said...

i think they should just stop making them bags. only then will people not use them. hehe. macam the argument about saving trees when u don't print hardcopies. the paper is already there, meaning the tree that made it has gone to tree heaven already. if u don't use them then their death would be a waste ;) hehe.

got the cook book and the diy dress kit thingy. thank u so much. hehe the recipes look fairly interesting.. hehe.

Emily said...

Actually, Acat, that's a pretty good idea, stop making them or at least DONT GIVE THEM OUT for free! When you pay betcha think twice about using too many! Sell the reusable bags OR BRING YOUR OWN!

Hope both of you will enjoy the cook book! Nice pictures and a couple of really delish recipes in that book!

fds said...

i think DONT GIVE THEM OUT shud be a good idea.

uhh where is my reusable shopping bag ahhh. wah have to make my own shopping bag woooo.

Emily said...

FDS: how many sizes will you be making the shopping bag in? Got to see what you come up with!

Have a good weekend everyone!